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“In 2016, the issue of a potential hotel development project at Veterans’ Community Park was brought to light. It became a major hot-button issue for many across our island who were concerned, not only about the lack of transparency, but also about the potential impact to current residents, businesses, and tourists. It also sparked an island-wide debate about the future of Veterans’ Community Park and whether or not the then-current density transfer policy truly represented the best interest of our entire island community.” - Read more here, MICAwave, 2/2018

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“Burrowing Owls: Councilor Jared Grifoni’s proposed Burrowing Owl Incentive Grant is a way to recruit property owners to have a starter burrow on their already developed yards to entice burrowing owls to move in. With an explosion of home construction displacing owl habitats, sustaining the owl population is critical for burrowing owls in Marco Island. If approved by the City Council, this pilot program will be the first in the State.” - Read more here: Coastal Breeze News, 1/2/20

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