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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

for future generations... A 20-year bond at 2.75 percent [...] over the life of the loan results in $2.6 million in interest costs," Grifoni said the city will have enough funds to finance the construction without a bond. Read more here: Marco Eagle , 2/11/20

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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Marco Island is the first in the state of Florida to enact a specific program like this, designed to expand the limited habitat of a state-threatened species while rewarding participants who wish to participate voluntarily," Jared Grifoni, vice chairman of the city council, told CNN. - Read more here

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Jared recaps the numerous issues of importance that City Council has tackled over the last year as well as all the changes in local government.”Community art, wildlife and environmental protections, Veterans’ Community Park improvements, parking, hurricane preparedness, and much more were worked on throughout the year. All are meaningful and are funded without raising city taxes on our citizens.” Read more here: Marco Eagle, 1/24/2020

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