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“Be it Resolved, that the City Council of the City of Marco Island, Florida, does hereby proclaim April 10, 2018 as Gopher Tortoise Day,” Jared Grifoni, City Council chair read the proclamation at the April 2 council meeting. This proclamation is also an affirmation of the City’s commitment to the protection of its threatened wildlife. - Read more here: Marco Eagle, 4/9/18

“Station #51 represents 40 percent of the calls responded to on this island and is the marine base for our rescue boat,” said Jared Grifoni, City Council chairman. “The station’s impact on the safety of our island and surrounding waters cannot be overstated. This station will be a first-class facility for our first-class fire rescue department.” - Read more here: Marco Eagle, 3/30/18

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City Council Chairman Jared Grifoni, a leading advocate for this state legislative level solution, stated, “This is a proud day for the City of Marco Island and this stands as another example of what strong partnerships can accomplish. The historical significance of the success of this bill cannot be overstated. Our Council was willing to take bold action, putting the needs and concerns of our citizens first, and it has paid off. I am excited for our city, for our citizens, and for our first-class Fire Rescue Department and I am looking forward to our referendum on August 28, 2018.” - Read more here: Coastal Breeze News, 3/23/18

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