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The Latest Updates

Marco Island City Council Chairman Jared Grifoni proposed the reduction in taxes last month and found that the city has benefited from the tax because revenue collections were much higher than its budget estimates… “This is an opportunity for the council to get ahead of those and show the citizens that we’re committed to lowering their taxes,” Grifoni said. - Read more here: Marco Eagle, 6/27/18

The Planning Board has been working on a referral from the city council to address an issue brought to their attention by Council Chairman Jared Grifoni, after a U.S. Supreme Court ruled against any consideration of “content” in regards to a community’s right to regulate signage. - Read more here: Coastal Breeze News, 4/27/18

I committed to work to begin fixing this issue without raising taxes. Starting in last year’s budget process for this current fiscal year (2018), I led the charge to reallocate over one million extra dollars into this year’s roadway repair and maintenance budget and did so while following through on my promise to not raise the millage rate. The extra million dollars was to be used to fix some of the most poorly conditioned and highly traveled roadways on the island in addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance for a group of residential roads on Marco Island. - Read more here: Marco Eagle, 4/10/18

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